Sunday, December 26, 2010

My List of Top Findings from 2010

1. Joanne McNeil's blog Tomorrow Museum

2. Jon Pylypchuk

3. Edward Wiiralt

4. Seeing Luc Tuymans, Paul Thek, and Arshile Gorky in New York

5. Jan Verwoert

6. Slavoj Zizek on love, charitable giving, and film

7. David Sedaris as an antidote to forced moral and social responsibility

8. Chatty Cathy

9. 'Janitor' by The Suburban Lawns

10. The TV series 'Deadwood', which I discovered only a couple months ago. During final crits I was most encouraged when I started hearing Al Swearengen in my head telling me I was doing a "f##king great c##ks##king job!"

11. Mary Gaitskill at Ryeberg Curated Video

12. 'The Five Obstructions' (2003)

13. aphasia and the first rap

14. Patti Smith in 'Dream of Life'

15. Fellini's 'Casanova' (1976)

16. A. S. Hamrah's film reviews from n+1 magazine

17. '35 Shots of Rum' by Claire Denis (2008)

18. Urs Fischer

19. Bill Murray

20. Hans Josephsohn

21. stolen Mona Lisa blank spot

22. Phillida Barlow

23. Asger Carlsen

24. Daniel Shea

25. depravity and humanity from superbomba

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