Sunday, November 28, 2010

found: Jessica Craig-Martin

(title: Optimists, Leowe RTW Show, Paris 2009, 2010; image source)

I'm interested in how this photograph accidentally comments on the outwardly-seeming blind boosterism of the kind of photographs of food most often associated with the Foodie; much like those who constantly share photographs of their garden and leave fb status updates on swiss chard, foodies enjoy sharing photographs of almost everything they eat (this can range from greasy meals on the road to control-freak food-ornamentation). I can understand the insta-optimism of such images, and while the foodie's motivations and intentions are usually hidden or vague behind the silent, simple sharing of the photographs without captions, the inherent, immediate appearance of these photographs on their own is that of implied enthusiasm, idealism, and optimism. This implied optimism can have the effect of squishy warmth or shrillness depending upon whose screen has been infiltrated.

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Anonymous said...

this profiterole picture is the memento of that strange awesome instant of sheer desire before almost guaranteed pleasure - that moment before satiety which could also include the uncomfortable feeling of being too full to eat anymore...or worse - gluttonous remorse