Friday, February 05, 2010

Writing about colo(u)r

Bookforum has amassed a great list of books which explore the question "What is there to say in the face of color, a visual phenomenon that so often seems to elude linguistic expression? A lot, it turns out, in the right hands—especially when approached by slant, ambush, or asymptote."

I'm particularly interested in the promises that these books have writing "dense with pleasure and nuanced, aphoristic punch". Take Chromophobia by David Batchelor, in which he proposes: "The interdisciplinary is often the antidisciplinary made safe. Colour is antidisciplinary." From 'Works on Paper', Wayne Koestenbaum: "Colors befriend us: they reach out, give signs that we're not crazy."

Not too long ago I discovered Cabinet magazine's short essays on color ('Sulphur' is a great example), and have been looking for intricate, personal inventories on color ever since.

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