Sunday, May 17, 2009

Last week I visited the 2009 BFA Grad Exhibition at ACAD, which seemed to include only half as many graduates as usual, although this might be the case of students needing one more class, etc. but are so ready to graduate. Work which stood out to me:

(work by Elaine Shandro)

('Grad Peace - The Unicorn' by Bree Horel)

(work by Bogdan Cheta)

And I was chased around the halls by the student security system for snapping photos, so I didn't get an image of Aidan Cartwright's video of a metal trashcan character (with an anguished expression carved out in gaping holes) walking around Calgary, dancing a bit with street people (but his heart wasn't in it), and walking around shopping malls. When I came in, he was walking away from the 'Welcome To Calgary' entrance sign, his devastated metallic expression a silent foreshadowing of his experience of the city.

This morning I found some great advice to recent BFA grads -

"I want the students to break free. I want them to delve into what terrifies them and come out the other side. I want them to stop fighting the medium and hiding in the comfort of safe ideas. I want them to step outside of their minimum daily requirement of past and contemporary art history...Dear gradating class of 2009. Don't be scared. Get the hell out there and transform, grow, and do things. Read. Write. Engage, participate and challenge." (source)

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