Thursday, May 07, 2009

'Early Work' at Trianon Gallery


Early Work, May 2nd- June 27th at Trianon Gallery
Opening Reception, May 2nd at 8 pm.

Early Work is an exhibition of early work by fifteen Calgarian painters in the traditional spirit of the collective exhibition. The works selected are 'early' in terms of the stage of career, but the invitees are emergent, mid-career and established artists. Vitality and quality of the commitment to contemporary painting unite the group across diverging content and approaches to the painting medium.

Initiated by emerging artists Jane McQuitty, Christine Cheung, and Kim Neudorf, this bottom-up blending of emerging and established artists reactivates the viewer as responsible for forming his or her own response. There are no certainties. Amidst the messages of gallery architecture and the canonicity that is implied by the generational, the viewer must engage with the work in manifold and complex ways. The exhibition's contents will bring the viewer into intimate connection with preconceived judgment and the complexity of artists' productive histories.

The show includes work by Chris Cran, Christine Cheung, Eric Cameron, Harry Steen, Jeffrey Spalding, Jane McQuitty, Jennifer-Rae Forsyth, John Will, Kim Neudorf, Marcia Harris, Dave and Jenn, Mary Scott, Melanie Aikenhead, and Susan Menzies. For the citizens of Lethbridge, this project will show a range of paintings from Calgary, spanning generations.

A dynamic part of the show will be Jeffrey Spalding’s reenactment of his 1976 wall work. Come watch this obsessive activity as a wall is roller-painted a new colour once each day for the duration: two months. Fifty-seven coats later, the under-painting will leave a halo of residue colours and marks around the perimeter; the middle colour will resonate against the surrounding halo.

The gallery opens Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm.

For further information, interviews and images, please contact:

Jane McQuitty, Kim Neudorf and Christine Cheung


John Savill, Trianon Gallery,


(close-up of work by Mary Scott)

(work by Kim Neudorf)

(work by
Chris Cran)

(work by Christine Cheung)

(work by Susan Menzies, Harry Steen)

(work by Jennifer Rae Forsyth)

(work by Marcia Harris)

(work by Jane McQuitty)

(work by Eric Cameron)

(work by Dave and Jenn)

(work by John Will)

(work by Susan Menzies)

Both 'Galleries West' and FFWD gave mention of 'Early Work' in inventively incomplete ways. Particularly the former, which states the exhibition includes only twelve artists, then lists eight. Harry's painting is featured:

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