Saturday, February 07, 2009

Why Grad School?

Chris Willard, an artist, writer and instructor at ACAD whom I met only after I’d graduated, has a blog wherein he has listed some “reasons for going to grad school”. My favorite point is #5, where he says “You'll meet other serious artists who are like you, your community will be a smaller pool and you'll often be friends with these other people for life.” #10 is also great: “It helps you to really center in on your voice. Voice is your individuality coming through loud and clear in your art. It's the thing that makes your work unlike anyone else’s. This is often a strong theme in grad schools, and it should be. Again, you can find this on your own, I just think it's faster with grad school playing a role.” There are so many great points in this list, particularly ideas of what a graduate program will expect from students.

Here is the full post!

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