Saturday, June 07, 2008

Merleau-Ponty on temporality:

"existence can have no external or contingent attribute. It cannot be anything - spatial, sexual, temporal - without being so in its entirety, without taking up and carrying forth its 'attributes' and making them into so many dimensions of its being, with the result that an analysis of anyone of them that is at all searching really touches upon subjectivity itself." (477)

"what is past or future for me is present in the world." (478)

"If we now go on to substitute 'psychic traces' for physiological ones, and if our perceptions are preserved in an unconsious, the difficulty will be the same as before: a preserved perception is a perception, it continues to exist, it persists in the present, and it does not open behind us that dimension of escape and absence that we call the past." (480)

"there is at the core of time a gaze" (490)

"a being the whole essence of which, like that of light, is to make visible." (495)

"the objective body is not the true version of the phenomenal body, that is, the true version of the body that we live by: it is indeed no more than the latter's impoverished image, so that the problem of the relation of soul to body has nothing to do with the objective body, which exists only conceptually, but with the phenomenal body." (501)

Throughout, with all this talk of past and present and future, I kept thinking about this song....! ...and also this horrid film, whether I like it or not, since the two are linked by (bad) timing.

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